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A Visual Journey

I sell my work online via the wonderful platform Folksy, and here is the link.  I do occasionally attend markets but these are few and fair between.  This website is to share a little bit of information about me, and and where you can find my work.  I only have a few items in stock there, but am currently carving away to replenish my stock for the next round of shows etc.

I love all things floral, and collect vases of all sorts and sizes, hence my love of making vases!  This led me to originally take some certificates in floral design, which means I can help you choose the right vase for the right style of arrangement or flower.  

​A little bit about me...

I love to make. Before there was clay, there was fabric, and I made quilts and textile art. I studied Art Foundation at City Lit in London, and was introduced to ceramics by the inspirational Robert Cooper and have never looked back. I graduated from the BA (Hons) Ceramic Design Degree at Central St Martins in 2013 and have been making ever since.

I love the tactility of ceramics. So often we are told “don’t touch” and I want my ceramics to invite you to feel them, to touch the cool surface. I also adore colour, something I bring with me from my textile days. I use found objects and textures I have made myself to decorate my ceramics, as well as carve into the clay surface.

I still make quilts when I have time, and also love to spend time in my garden, marvelling at the fact that something I have planted has grown! I also love photography, and often use my own photographs as inspiration for my collections.

About Me: Bio
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